This Trans Guy Took A Selfie Every Day For 3 Years, See What He looks Now!

This Trans Guy Took A Selfie Every Day For 3 Years, See What He looks Now!

Transgender man Jaime Raines began testosterone treatments just shy of his 18th birthday, in an effort to look, sound, and feel more masculine. When an individual begins testosterone therapy, according to Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide he can expect a deepening of the voice and increased muscle mass, but what Jaime says he was most excited about was facial hair. He was surprised, however, by the other ways in which his appearance changed over the following years.

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Jaime decided to document his transition with a selfie each day. He had intended to do this just for the first year, but he continue the series after he did not produce any facial hair during that first year. According to the LiveStrong Foundation, facial hair growth can take up to four years for those undertaking hormone replacement therapy to transition.

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What is fascinating about Jaime’s series is not just the hair growth but the way the face develops and changes into a more masculine appearance. In the second year of testosterone therapy, Jaime says, “My face started to get longer and I lost the chubby cheeks,” also noting that his nose changed.

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Finally, after two years of treatment, that chin stubble began to appear! Jaime was, of course, elated. Jaime’s complication of 1,400 photos has been made into a short film and incorporated into a documentary about trans men. The photos show his transformation subtly, but when one compares a photo of Jaime, now 21, at the beginning of his journey to another at the end, the difference is obvious.

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What do you think of Jaime’s transition? Would you be able to take a selfie every day for three years?

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