Tom Hanks Reveals The Movies That Were The Most Meaningful For Him

Tom Hanks Reveals The Movies That Were The Most Meaningful For Him

One of the world’s most well-loved actors, Tom Hanks has enjoyed an extraordinary career spanning several decades. From Bosom Buddies to Saving Private Ryan, Hanks has also proven himself to be an incredibly versatile actor. Although it seems like every role he’s played has been a home run, it turns out that even Hanks has his preferences for jobs that were particularly meaningful for him.

Splash was Hanks’ first role as a leading man, and he often reflects on how lucky he was to play the part. Before he was cast, the role was passed over by actors Michael Keaton and John Travolta. Hanks claims that he was actually the eleventh actor to be offered the part. Many actors’ agents thought that the script seemed odd and didn’t want to their clients to take the chance. Hanks, on the other hand, did not have an established film career and was happy to accept the role. After the film came out, of course, it became a massive hit and made him a star. Steven Spielberg first took notice of Hanks in this film.



Hanks also frequently discusses his role in Big, which is one of his most popular films. At first he found himself annoyed with the amount of seemingly endless rehearsals that director Penny Marshall wanted to do. However, in the end he realized that the rehearsals helped to free him as an actor and that he would accept this kind of approach to work from directors that he respected.

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Cast Away
Another film that demanded a great deal of Hanks’ focus was Cast Away. His character went through an intense physical transformation during the film, which meant that Hanks had to work out two hours a day in order to achieve the right level of fitness. He speaks of the difficult work required, as well as the constant monitoring of his diet.

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Turner and Hooch
Turner and Hooch also was meaningful to Hanks, but perhaps not for the reasons people might expect. Hanks once stated that he worked harder on this film than almost any other project he’d ever done, but that it still flopped. This was a very eye-opening time for Hanks, because he realized that he learned more from the projects that didn’t work out than the projects that became massive hits.


Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan held an even different meaning for Hanks. For this film he received the Distinguished Public Service Award. The award is the highest honor that can be given to American civilians, and it was a testament to how much attention Hanks brought to veterans through his star power. Spielberg required that all of the actors undergo an army boot camp before shooting, and it is noted that Tom Hanks was the only actor who voted to stick with the incredibly arduous process.

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Through his film acting, Hanks has continually managed to spread joy and inspire others to reach new heights. His work has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.