What Does Denzel Washington Have In Common With Grey’s Anatomy?

What Does Denzel Washington Have In Common With Grey’s Anatomy?

“Grey’s Anatomy” first aired in March 2005, and it quickly became one of the most popular shows on television. The die hard fans have continued to support the show through its first 12 seasons, and there does not appear to be an end in sight. The popularity of the show and creator Shonda Rhimes has allowed “Grey’s Anatomy” to secure dozens of great guest stars over the last 12 seasons, but the show has recently secured its biggest star ever to help out the show for one episode.

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Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” have seen great actors and actresses like Sarah Paulson, Christina Ricci, Kyle Chandler, Rosanna Arquette and Mae Whitman all guest star on their favorite show. Keeping up with this great history, “Grey’s Anatomy” has just secured a deal with Denzel Washington for his help on an episode this November.

Denzel Washington will not be appearing as a guest star on the show, but he will work as a guest director for the ninth episode this season entitled “The Sound of Silence.” While they have not begun filming his episode, you will not have to wait long to see what Denzel will do behind the camera. A total of four episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” have already aired this season, so the episode directed by Denzel Washington should air in just over one month.

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This would put it in line to air during the important November sweeps. Each network is able to set their advertising rates based on their ratings during the November sweeps, so this is a very shrewd move by ABC. While Denzel will not be stepping in front of the camera, all of his fans will still want to see what he will do with these iconic characters.

It may seem odd to see Denzel Washington working on a television show after starring in over 40 movies during his amazing career, but he actually rose to fame after appearing on the television show “St. Elsewhere” from 1982-88. He has not worked on a network television show since his run on “St. Elsewhere” ended, so this is guaranteed to be a historic moment in TV history.

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Casual fans may be unaware, but Denzel has actually directed two feature films during his career in Hollywood. He made his directing debut in 2002 on the film “Antoine Fischer.” He returned behind the camera in 2007 for “The Great Debaters.” Both films received rave reviews from the critics, so Denzel has already proven he knows how to deliver quality material behind the camera.

The buzz and anticipation are already starting to build around this exciting and shocking announcement. Are you excited to see what Denzel Washington brings to “Grey’s Anatomy,” and how do you think he will do?

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