You Will Be Surprised To Find Out These 10 Celebrities Are Fans Of ‘Empire’

You Will Be Surprised To Find Out These 10 Celebrities Are Fans Of ‘Empire’

It is funny to think about celebrities being the fans of a show too. Sometimes, we think they are just too rich and important to love the same stuff as the rest of us. However, celebrities are often some of the biggest fans of television shows. This can stem from a friend starring or producing a show. Most often, it is simply because the show is just that darn awesome. This is exactly what is going on with the hit television show ‘Empire’. Here is a collection of ten celebrities that are just as hooked on the show as the rest of us.

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Michelle Obama
President Obama clued the country into his wife’s passion for the show. He stated that while he hasn’t seen it, he loves the cast. He also joked that he hoped his wife was recording the episodes for him to watch later.

Ariana Grande
The hit singer tweeted her plans of curling up to watch an episode of the show back in April. Maybe she will make a guest appearance one day.

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Kerry Washington
She stated in March that was she was staying off of Twitter for the night. Why? She wanted to avoid spoilers for the show.
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Snoop Dog
The legendary rapper guest starred on the show. Enough said. Snoop Dog only participates in something he respects.

Shonda Rhimes
The creator of the megahit ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ reported she was catching up on back episodes. To create the best shows, you apparently have to watch the best shows!
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Lil Jon
The rapper tweeted his love of Terrence Howard in the show. How much did he love Howard? It was enough to use all capital letters. You only do that on Twitter if you are serious.

French Montana
Montana stated watching the show was something special. Might we see him make a guest appearance someday?

Kenya Moore
As one of the stars on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Moore makes it a point to tweet during every live episode. It must be a refreshing break from all of the drama on her own show!

Kelly Rowland
Rowland has only one word for ‘Empire’ on Twitter: Wow. Sometimes three letters say it all.
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Cynthia Bailey
Bailey encourages her fans of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ to tune in every week to ‘Empire’. If it was competing in the same time slot, she would probably still do it!

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