You Will Never Hear Successful People Say These 7 Phrases!

You Will Never Hear Successful People Say These 7 Phrases!

You’re sitting at work wondering how you can be more successful in your field. You ponder how you can become more like the driven entrepreneurs and millionaires who have surpassed you thus far. Should you get another degree or another credential to put after your name? Should you have networked better at that party last weekend? Amazingly enough, those who are most successful have traversed a variety of paths to gain the wealth they have today, but they have creative and hard-working mindsets in common. The following are seven phrases you should avoid to work towards their attitudes of success:

You Will Never Hear Successful People Say These 7 Phrases


1. “I hate this company.”

This phrase lets others know that the speaker is not loyal to her current place of work, which is unappealing to other companies. Profess your appreciation for your current position, even as you may work towards another position for the future.

2. “That’s not fair.”

Life is not always fair. The choices are to cope with unfair situations by working hard to overcome them or by complaining about the wrongs that have been done. A would-be-millionaire works hard to beat the obstacles, but the aspiring-unsuccessful unattractively complains and does nothing to rectify his situation. Basically complaining is never a successful attitude.

3.“Because it has always been done this way.”

Successful professionals are innovative, blazing their own paths to wealth and ingenuity. Don’t use this phrase as an excuse for being stuck in a rut. Those who are most successful are those who use creativity to make something new that stands out from all the traditional methods or products.

4. “I don’t get paid enough.”

Not only is this unattractive complaining again, but it also reflects poorly on the speaker. Professionals are expected to do their best for higher motives than salary alone. We know you have to get paid and hopefully paid well, but remember all the reasons you went into this field in the first place.

5.“That can’t be done.”

This phrase shows that the speaker is not willing to try something, whether because he or she is actually incapable or just does not want to do the task. Successful people do not give up quickly but will try new ways to get things done.

6. “I could’ve or should’ve.”

This speaker is clearly pointing out where he went wrong in the past which is not a great way to win favor with the company. He is wasting time on introspection rather than working to fix any mistakes. Bosses prefer people who take action instead of dwelling on what could have been different.

7. “I have no other options.”

This is an easy one. Refer to Number 2. An achiever is able to find a way around impediments using creativity and networking, but an underachiever uses excuses to stay stagnant.

See how easy it can be to achieve more than the average person? Simply avoid these phrases on a regular basis. Successful people have moved forward when they do not allow excuses or uncreative paths keep them from attaining the accomplishments they strive to achieve. These phrases lead to an attitude of complacency and triteness which can keep you stuck in your current comfort zone. Fight the instinct to take the easy way out and form a new attitude based in your abilities.