Father and son Took the same Photo for 26 years … until the last Picture!

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Father and son Took the same Photo for 26 years … until the last Picture!

In something reminiscent of those time capsules dug into the dirt outside elementary schools by young kids, the Internet has unearthed – as it is prone to do – a little trip through time of its own.


Twenty-six years ago, a man took a photo with his newborn son. That act became something of a tradition as every year, over a quarter of a century, the man and his son took a photo together. By recreating the picture over all those years, we can see how the man and especially his son have steadily grown. Indeed, the boy becomes a man himself as seen most illustratively by the last photo which flips the script depicting the man, the son, and now the son’s son – an apple who hasn’t fallen far from his tree.
Take a trip through time and watch as the boy and his father change over the years.


The first photo, in black and white, features the father cuddling with his newborn son. Their resemblance like many father-son duos, is already quite remarkable. The father has taken this photo to capture the love and happiness shared on the day of his son’s birth.

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Now, a year later, the two have established a bond typical of a parent and infant child relationship. A tradition of a yearly photo documenting their physically changes, most notably the child’s growth, has begun. While the father has only grown more hair, the child is more alert and holding his own head up.

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Repeating tradition, the two are pictured again in their annual shirtless photo together. This time, the father’s hair has changed again, and we see a big smile from him as well. More notably, the son has grown significantly but is still gripping his father in a close hug.

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In this photo, the child’s growth is again an obvious sight. His facial features also seem to have grown more likeness to his father’s. Drawn closely together, their connection and love for one another is again very apparent in this picture.

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In photo number five, the son seems almost as big as the father now, almost too big for him to really hold him in his arms. The two share an embrace again, and the son’s smile makes it evident that he is happy to be photographed with his dad.

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This same arm around the shoulders pose is very reminiscent of years past. The son’s smile is back again. This time an open-mouth grin reveals evidence that he has possibly begun losing baby teeth and growing adult ones. His father looks very much the same.

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The beach is the new setting for the seventh year’s photo. The two are sporting wet hair along with their smiles, probably enjoying a family vacation. Still in his father’s arms, the child is getting bigger but still not too big to be held by his father.

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The biggest change this year, is that the son has a thicker head of hair as well. Still a growing a boy, he is becoming more and more like is father looks-wise. Their relationship does not seem to have changed any. They have the same embrace similar to the past photos.

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Again, in this photo, the boy’s features seem more apparent, and he looks a lot taller yet still very slim. This is the first photo where the father appears to have aged alongside son. They still share a great resemblance.

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This photo seems much like the last, only the dad now has a haircut and clean-shaven face. His son is continuing to grow up but there is not much of a difference in his appearance since the previous photo was taken.

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Another year has past, and this time there is a significance difference. The son is now standing with his father’s hand on his shoulder. Adolescence is upon him. You can tell in his face, that puberty is beginning to take effect.

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Now the son is really starting to look like a young man. Not only is he taller but his shoulders are broader. He really is almost as big as his father, who is also aging as well, no longer the young twenty-something he appeared to be in the first photo.

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They have changed things up for the photo this year. The father is on the left this time. Soon enough, they will be the same height. Though they do look alike, the son seems like he maybe taking more after his mother or another relative in this photo.

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Tall and lanky now, the child is finally high school age. Not only does he look more and more like a young man but his looks have an even greater resemblance to his father’s. The father has gained weight since the earlier photos but not much else has changed.

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Finally, the son has surpassed his father in height. He is still very slender but seems to have gained weight in this photo as well. They both have serious looks on their faces but they still seem to have a caring relationship.

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Much like with the last photo, the son is standing tall, almost a man in his own right. His father has raised him up, and it’s about time to embark on life on his own. You can tell they have a good relationship, that his father will always be there for him and have his back.

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An adult now, the son is actually several inches taller than his father. He very much resembles his father as a young adult in the first photos. It’s good to see they are still coming together and continuing this tradition.

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In this photo, the son’s face looks much fuller. He and his father could go for twins or at least brothers. There is no doubt that they are related. The father, clean-shaven again in this photo, is now middle -age.

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Not much has changed in this year’s photo. The similarities between the two continue to grow. The son, a young man now, is probably working or attending college now but he is still spending time with his father and recreating the annual photo.

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The son, now with a buzzed haircut is continuing to grow into his own. Your early twenties can be a time of change. Though physically much of his growth is over, this is the time when the son is really finding his self and establishing his own life.

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Again, the child seems to have gained some weight in this photo. With an even fuller face, this time their likeness is even greater. For him, it’s that time in life when you sometimes feel like you are turning into your parent.

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More and more, the likeness in their appearances is obvious. In this picture it is at the height! Not only do they look alike but their expressions, posture and gestures are parallel in this photo and many of the others.

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Here is yet another arm around the shoulder shot of the father and son. Their hold on each other and slight smiles show that the two have a great appreciation for one another, and so the tradition continues…

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It’s clear that the son is now a full-fledged adult in this photo, able to start a family of his own, but still leaning on his dad for support. Who knows what the future holds for them and their relationship?

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The son is strong enough to carry the father on his back this time around. The father’s hair may possibly even be starting to grey. So much has changed from the photo. The son is now old enough to carry himself and still accept his father’s love.

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You may have guessed, it would happen but now the son has a child of his own! He now has someone to continue the tradition with. The three of them together in this photo exemplify how strong genetics can be between numerous generations of a family.

Taking similar photos each year is a wonderful way to see how a person can change and grow over time. Even more so, photographing family members together each year is a great way to see the generational changes, as shown in these father-son photos.